Comfy Natural Foot Warmer

Wednesday, October 28, 2020


Rice Bag Foot Warmer

I can't stand to be cold; especially at night in the wintertime when trying to sleep. For years I used an electric blanket and that worked well but I didn't like the idea of laying with electrical currents directly against me all night long. I didn't research for potential pitfalls of doing so, I just didn't like it. Switching the electric blanket out for more blankets on the bed wasn't the ticket either - too smothering and heavy for a tosser-turner like myself. 

I thought about the old fashioned bed warmers of days gone by and decided to modernize the practice a bit. So now my new wintertime routine is that about 15 minutes before going to bed I warm my 12 x 20 sized rice bag up in the microwave for 3 minutes and then place it at the foot of the bed under the covers. 

You talk about cozy-comfy! When I go to bed now I just crawl in and put my bare feet on the warm bag and fall right to sleep. It's amazing how long it stays warm too. 

I purchased my rice bag at my doctor's office. I think his mom made them for him to sale (such a good son). I'm sure if you want to make your own a simple internet search would return with plenty of how-to videos. If you're not up for making your own I know you can purchase them on-line also. 

Give it a try!