Monday, September 7, 2020

What is an Anodyne?

These are herbs that are known to relieve and sooth pain. Often used both internally and externally, depending on the herb. They may also be antispasmodics; relieving pain by reducing cramping in muscles. They may have an affinity for certain organs or systems. 

They work through various mechanisms but most help by a direct effect on pain signals to the brain. Anodyne is often synonymous with Analgesics. 

Herbal Anodynes To Explore:

Skullcap, valerian, lobelia, catnip, chamomile, cloves, cramp bark, passion flower, linden, california poppy, corn silk, bacopa, horsetail, hops, pleurisy root, kava, albizia, plantain, birch, wood betony.

Understanding herbal actions is important. You can get started by accessing my Quizlet for fun ways to learn and test yourself! To obtain access you'll need this password.... EXPLORE (also listed here in the side bar under "tools").

Caution: Always, always remember to do some research on an herb before using it. In school, we were advised to check at least 3 sources first. Some are contraindicated with certain medications, existing conditions or other herbs you may be using. Make sure you're not allergic. Go low and slow when trying an herb for the first time... just a sip, a skin test or one drop, etc. depending on the route of your intentions.