Herbs de Provence

Monday, April 27, 2020
Herbs de Provence is said to be an essential component of French and Mediterranean cooking. It’s a blend of dried herbs that bring a particular flavor to many dishes, such as chicken, grilled fish, roasted veggies, soups and more. It’s also wonderfully aromatic.

I was looking for something different to punch up my kefir cheese spread with when I came across this delicious sounding blend. I even had all the herbs on hand except for the Marjoram. For some reason I couldn't find it on the store shelf! Thankfully I found a live plant at a local nursery and brought it home with me where it lives happily amongst my other lovelies.

This blend is easily found on-line but I would rather make my own. Besides, several of the store brands include lavender and I prefer it without. The following recipe is the version for me!

Herbs de Provence

3 Tbs dried Thyme
2 Tbs dried Savory
2 Tbs dried Oregano
2 Tbs dried Parsley
1 Tbs dried Rosemary
1 Tbs dried Marjoram

(Optional: add 1 Tbs dried Lavender)

Combine all the herbs and store in a glass jar where you keep your other culinary herbs and spices. Depending on what you’ll be using it for you may want to toss it into a grinder to make it finer. That’s what I did with mine before adding it to my kefir cheese.

Use liberally according to your own taste. So good!